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Paramedical Tattoo


Paramedical Tattooing works hand-in-hand with the plastic reconstructive industry
to improve a patient’s self-confidence and self esteem by restoring anatomical

Paramedical tattooing is ideal for surgical scar camouflage after a breast reduction,
breast lift, self-harm, hair transplant scars, post-gender-affirmation surgery, burns,
birthmarks as well as areola reconstruction after a mastectomy.



Scar Revision and Camouflage

This type of tattoo is meant to blend with the surrounding skin to make them less noticeable. Your stretch mark’s or scar’s appearance can be softened with this procedure to reduce their contrast, colour and consistency. Camouflage tattoos are only suitable in very specific instances. If you are considering this treatment please book a consultation before booking your procedure or send photos to


Areola Restoration

Areola tattoos are ideal for any gender that has undergone a mastectomy and can be performed whether you’ve had reconstruction or not and whether you’ve opted for nipple protrusion surgery. Micropigmenation top surgery for trans men and women whether you’ve opted for nipple grafts or want to enlarge the shape/alter the pigmentation of your natural nipples. You are looking to restore the natural look of your nipples. This is for those who have irregular-shapes or edges of the nipple, tattooed for a more natural (or enhanced) appearance.