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Natural and Organic Facials:

Plant based Australian power house Jurlique is used to enhance skin radiance and health. 95% ingredients come from their own Certified Biodynamic Farm. The real proof is that the products pass the most important test – they give you beautiful, healthy skin. Warm aromatic towels, relaxing massage and 100% commitment to your most pampering treatment to provide you with the best experience.

Feet and Hands:

With a view! Treatments are performed in an adjustable bed, where you are cocooned in cozyness. Alana specializes in advanced pedicuring, so not only do your feet feel smooth and pampered, but they’ll also feel amazing. Hands too.


Male, female…. It doesn’t matter. Your goodies are in good hands. Lycon Wax is used for the best possible results. Soft, smooth and gentle Soyberry Soft wax and Lavander Hard wax.  No double dipping, that could cross contaminate and cause
some nastiness. Topical numbing cream available for sensitive waxing.


Deepen the luster of lashes or define fair brows using a vegetal dye-based formula, expertly tinted to perfection. An application of an eye treatment is applied to soothe tired eyes.

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