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From Halle Berry to Jessica Biel to Sarah McLachlan, Alana is a Hands On Celebrity Tour de Force & now Certified in Oncology Esthetics

Alana Delcourt is the principle owner/operator of Fresh Esthetics Studio.

I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2000, owning and operating Fresh Esthetics in Sidney for three years. The foundation of my business is care and commitment to my clients: connecting with them, establishing a relationship and helping each individual in a specialized way.

My Certificate in Oncology Esthetics has enhanced the range of services I can provide. With a thorough understanding of cancer – its treatments and effect on the body – I can tailor services to provide comfort and relief.

Skincare is a true passion (I’m sometimes called a ‘skin nerd’!) and I love to take regular professional development to ensure I always have the most up-to-date techniques and products available. An Advanced Skin Analysis certificate supports the personalised treatment plans that I advise. Treatments are relaxing and rejuvenating using a product line that is safe, natural and environmentally sound.

When you make your appointment at the Fresh Studio, whether it’s for waxing, nail care, a facial or massage treatment, you can be sure of genuine care and commitment from me!